4 signs of the girl from the escort.
18.01.2023 11:28
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Only spectacular and luxurious girls are employed in the escort industry. But in addition to their sophisticated appearance, all escort women have sexual charisma, a sense of humor and high intelligence.They are communicative, they will support any small talk, and when necessary - nicely keeptheir mouths shut.But their main difference from the restof the representatives of the fair sexis that they fascinate men from the first minutes of acquaintance.

How can you understand if a girl is an escort? There are four signs that can be used to recognize an escort model:

    1. She travels a lot. The girl spends her time in expensive resorts, as evidenced by beach photo reports in heron her social media profiles and a natural tan all year round.

    2. She does not abuse alcohol, although all her evenings are spent at posh events with an abundance of expensive drinks. It is important to note here that professional women from the elite escort industry do not drink alcohol at all: sip - yes, drink - no.

    3. She does not smoke. Nicotine has a bad effect on the complexion, and the beauties from the escort cannot afford it, including without makeup.

    4. She never advertises her income, but her dressing room is littered with expensive brands, she owns an apartment and has a prestigious car in the parking lot. And in addition to everything - a diploma from a prestigious university.

Escort girls have such a strong energy that forceby-passing men to turn on themeven when they rush to a fitness in a tracksuit and sneakers.