What age is appropriate for escort work?
08.02.2023 12:59
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Escorts areleisure activities for adults, so there is an age restriction. You can come to work in escort services strictly on reaching the age of majority.No escort agency will hire a girl younger than that age (in some countries the age of majority is 18, in some it is 21 years old).

Cases of falsified documents and exaggerated age threaten unpleasant consequences for both the novice escort girl and the employer.It is not uncommon for girls to commit fraud in order to get the coveted contract, but the consequences of deception are too expensive.

In general, there are two age categories of female escorts:

● from 18(21) to 27 years old
● from 28 to 40 years old.

Young escorts are compared tounfaceted diamonds. Especially aspiring models, for whom escorting is their first job.But with age and experience, the facets become more expensive and the diamondshines brighter and more confident.

Both categories of girls are popular with men and are in equal demand, but age undoubtedly affects the choice of escorts.

Young girls are great company for a romantic and exciting trip. They are energetic, active, easy going. They willingly support the craziest and most extreme ideas. With these female companions man gets younger in body and soul.

Mature escort ladies are invited as a companion to elite expensive events, where a wealthy glamorous audience gathers. Experienced escort women are able to give a man a sophisticated charm, support small talk and easily join the circle of high society guests.

The competition is more noticeable among young escort workers, and only a few remain in the "older" category.For girls in their 30s, escorting become a hobby, not a source of income.