Why do some escort girls earn money and others do not?
07.02.2023 17:18
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Let's analyze the subject of the article with an example of 2 female escorts.

Anya and Lena came to an elite escort at the same time. Both are beautiful, spectacular girls, both have had success with men, both went through auditions and both have agreed with their employer to work together.

When they were hired by an escort agency, the girls were given a credit for primary expenses.

Anya rented a modest apartment, and with the remaining funds she signed up for etiquette, English and Pilates courses.

Lena had a different reasoning: to feel confident in elite society, you need to surround yourself with luxury. She rented an expensive apartment in the centre of the city and stocked her wardrobe with famous brands.

Anya's priorities were self-development and working on herself. She practiced language, exercised and drank freshly squeezed juices.

Lena preferred to spend her free time in expensive restaurants with a glass of wine. Often the glass was transformed into a bottle. The result was in plain sight, or rather on the face of her.

Anya - a trimbeauty with high intelligence enjoyed more and more success with customers, her working hours were scheduled for months in advance. She paid a loan to the agency and purchased her apartment.

Lena, with her becoming fat waistline due to the "good life", was losing customers.The free time was getting bigger and the wine - cheaper. Lena changed her apartment in the center to a rented one-room flat.

The conclusion is obvious - those who set the right goals and follow the right path are the ones who sparkle on the Olympus and shine in diamonds.

If girls choose the escort profession, they should understand that earning big money in this business is only possible by constantly investing money and time in their appearance and self-development.And escort girls who have succumbed to the temptationsof the beautiful life in most cases end up in brothels.