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Escort Euro Girls

Grace, 30, 162 厘, 79 公斤 / 174 磅 ,

最后访问: 2.03.2023
My name is Grace all natural . I am your dream come true. I am intelligent, talented and extremely loving. Always positive and friendly girl, caring, tolerant and open minded. I am absolutely unforgettable! Your effort deserves acknowledgment & appreciation.Those efforts should be met AND exceeded by anyone who wishes to share in the spoils. Let me help you de-stress and show you some good old fashioned appreciation! My goal is to leave you in a state of nirvana.If you want to meet text me 5086390829


性别: 女性
年龄: 30
地点: Frisco, Texas / 美国
头发颜色: 黑发
头发长度: 长发
胸部尺寸: F
胸部类型: 自然胸
旅行: 欧洲旅游
体重: 79 公斤 / 174 磅
身高: 162 厘米 / 5'4''
种族划分: 蒙古人
倾向性: 异性恋
吸烟者: 偶尔抽烟
国籍: 美国人
语言: 英语
提供服务: 对服务地点无具体要求


移动电话: +1 XXX +1 508 639 0829
国家: 美国
城市: Frisco, Texas